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Herro :3

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· October 11th, 2017, 11:26 pm
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He is a lightning-ice elemental fusion with
A unique ability known as Aether Summon.
There are other types, but he developed
the Blade Summon.
He can materialize blades and shoot them
At enemies.
He is very fast, has unreal reaction speed
and is very agile.
However, he is not very durable and he
isn't a hard hitter.
His *speed* is what makes up for those weaknesses,
But if you have something sticky, or you can stop his legs
he won't be able to dodge, leaving him open.
He can summon his blades at will,
At a cost of his Aether Capacity.
He will need to recharge after using them all up,
So repeatedly dodging or blocking will deplete
His Capacity.
He also rarely uses ice, but when he does, he will
Make ice spikes, or freeze other people.
His lightning only adds to his speed,
And overall let's him do special
Lightning base attacks.
Overall, the High Risk High Reward type.

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New character: Olex
He is made of Oobleck . So if you punch him hard, there will be no effect on him. Super effective against fast opponents. If you punch very slowly, then it will go through his body. He will feel extreme pain because the punch will penetrate his body. If the punch is super hard, Like extreme, like its the Hardest punch ever, he will break into pieces. But since he is liquid. He can stick back (Still damages him ALOT). Weakness: water, flower (powder). water will melt him so he will become to liquidity to attack and will then die. Flower will harden him too much that he can't move.
He has 2 eyeballs that move around on his body, if you try to Punch it, it will move out of the way quickly so you will likely miss. This eye is water & fire proof.
If you try hard enough, you may be able to hit it and that will tempararly remove his harden & liquid recovery for 5 sec, a sword may also be able to hit it too. He has to keep moving or he will melt, although he can always recover after he melts, it still damages him. when he is liquid he will be able move around on the floor. He can get tired too, he can only limit his recovery to the amount of strength he has. turning from liquid to normal form will make him tired. Trap move: he will spray some of his liquid onto your leg so you cant move, the only way to move is to do it slowly. if you keep dodging his moves, he will start getting hurt. he is quite fast.

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July 30th, 2017, 12:09 am
Occupation: Nothing... pls donate and Interests: FIGHTING ANIMATIONS
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