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November 28th, 2017, 8:01 am
What makes you wanted to change the world by cleans the evil? What makes you had to kill anyone who stands in your way? What makes you assasinate those who you called are unworthy? No matter what you do the world will always be like this. Just accept it already you only tired yourself and wasted time, you said if you had the power change the world like this you'd like to destroy it. That's just stupid because once you destroy it...... nothing is left behind and you'll be the only one who is all alive and alone.

Why would you hated me just because I refuse to use my power to kill my appointments like you? Why do you say it makes no sense to you? Why would your hatred grew more and more and lead you to a never ending path of rage and destruction?
*sign* that's too tired to answer all of those because I couldn't even find a simple solution answer that. Those questions are yours so go answer it yourself and stip wasting my time. If you wanted me to use my power on you so bad...... then I'll grant it for you but once I had granted there's no turning back

I don't get it. Sometimes I always get annoyed for some people that disagrees to live on this world. Shouldn't they just accept it? There's still good in this world if only they could see it. Well I don't care that anymore, I don't want to bother and get in trouble again but other times my heart tells me to help those who suffers in a painful life and near death. I don't usually go and challenge to a duel I just waited for something interested happens to me. So tired

Are you deeply disappointed for being born in the world you live where you surrounded by corrupted and poisoned people? Have you already grew sick of them once you had had the power? Why do you keep on saying you are the justice? Your only a joke that makes me sick........ The world is cruel you say? Well I have to admit everyone is born in this cruel world unless you make your own and the best thing about facing reality is.......
Having a sof heart in a cruel world is the shield. It's not weaknesses it's courageous

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· November 28th, 2017, 9:27 am
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